Biodegradable Filter Bags
Made of the most premium Manila Hamp Paper. This is extra large disposable filter bag perfectly suitable for loose leaf tea, coffee and herbs. No more fishing your string from the mug: Featuring a build-in drawing string 40% longer than...
Infusion Tea Carafe
Perfectly brewed iced tea doesn’t just happen on its own. For true perfection, you need the thoughtfully designed Infusion Tea Carafe. Enjoy the sensory experience of seeing your tea infuse, then pour yourself a glass and bask in that sunshine....
Infusion Tea Egg - Navy
Brewing tea doesn’t need to be a grand affair. Living light can still be perfect for tea-making. With the Infusion Tea Egg you’ll brew individual cups of delectable tea. Take that time just for you with the infuser that’s just...
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Blush
Minima Eva Infuser Tea Mug
When you first fell in love with tea, it was probably from drinking a freshly brewed pot of loose leaf. Let’s face it, no one falls in love with a tea bag. Rekindle your love of tea by brewing perfect...
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