Urban Garden Air Freshener
An herbal refresh.Urban Garden is crisp and uplifting. An energizing mix of Blood Orange and Basil essential oils, it makes your space smell light and vibrant. Safe foe kids, pets and mama to be.
Warm Linen Air Freshener
A cozy refresh.Warm Linen is soft and smooth. A calming mix of Lavender and Vanilla essential oils, it makes your space smell gentle and inviting. Safe for kids, pets and mama to be.
Cold Plunge Air Freshener
A restorative refresh.Cold Plunge is fresh and serene. An invigorating mix of Eucalyptus and Grapefruit essential oils, it makes your space smell cool and herbal. No harmful chemicals Safe for kids, pets and mama to be. 
Color Wheel Umbrella
Brighten up any rainy day with this beautiful and sturdy colour wheel-style umbrella! Its strong construction can hold up to heavy rain and wind. 40"W
Drinks Are On Me
This “Drinks are on me” Coaster makes a fun decorative accessory for your most generous house guests. Crafted out of cork and ceramic with stylish gold lettering accenting its clean white surface, this coaster ensures that your guests will take...
Nice Glass Coaster
Don’t be shy to comment on someone’s “glass” with this cheeky “Nice Glass” coaster. Crafted out of cork and ceramic, with classy gold lettering accenting its clean white surface, let the compliments — and drinks — fly!
Beer Snob Coaster
This “Beer Snob” Coaster is perfect for your friend who prefers his beers artisanal and hoppy. Crafted out of ceramic and cork with elegant gold script accenting its clean white surface, this coaster is a fun way to make merry...
Salted Caramel Blend
She’s salty, she’s rich, she’s a classic with a twist. Perfectly pairing each salty sip with mesquite and dates, Mother Nature’s natural sweeteners, this blend is everything your sweet and sultry dreams are made of. With superfoods maca and schisandra,...
Rechargeable Lighter
Say goodbye to disposable matches and lighters! Designed to use again and again, this rechargeable USB lighter uses a flameless electric arc for a quick and easy light.
Sparkling Rosé Wine Gummies
"This lovely Sparkling Rosé is all about delicate and explodes on your tongue!" These Sparkling Rosé gums are a stand-out from the first sip, with all the notes you'd expect! Perfect for those who want a taste of Celebration. Delicious...
Sauvignon Wine Gummies
Fans of New Zealand style will love this zesty Sauvignon Blanc gummy.The magic of this incredible wine gum lies in its high acidity and delicate notes of ripe citrussy fruit, lychee and gooseberry. Bright and pale with fresh grassy notes....
Rosé Wine Gummies
Beautiful soft pink color in an equally chic packaging. These wine gummies get fancy summer. Many fruits like strawberries and raspberries. The bite is soft with nice tones mildly acidic and sour-sweet aftertaste. The wine gummies are suitable for vegetarians...
Merlot Wine Gummies
Design meets healthy good food with these unique lifestyle Merlot wine gummies. It seeks to achieve the taste of that first sip red wine in a new way, without actually drinking.The wine gummies are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and...
Champagne Wine Gummies
Discover unique flavor profiles: Spicy, floral, botanical, and fruity. This adorable Champagne is the gift that never disappoints. A delicious indulgence for every celebratory occasion. It turns your small space into something Wowie. Cheers!The wine gummies are suitable for vegetarians...
Marble Heart Dish Large
This hand carved Marble Heart Dish is a wonderful reminder to celebrate love and makes a feel-good catch-all for your tiniest treasures.Handmade in IndiaCare instructions: Hand Wash Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 1"H
Tassel Blessing Beads
Enjoy the tactile pleasure of our wooden prayer beads. A symbol of love, luck and meditation, these wooden bead strands are accentuated by a thick cotton tassel. Drape them over a mirror, vessel, hook, or coffee table, or display on...
Full Heart Prayer Beads
A must have coffee table styling piece, our wooden beads add a touch of feel-good style to your living space. Inspired by Mala beads used for prayer and meditation, they encourage mindfulness, peace, and clarity. Dimensions: "L x 2"W x...
Glow Up Water Elixir
In alliance with Sasha Exeter, Blume's holistic wellness BFF, they set out to create a hydrating berry elixir that uses the magic of superfoods to elevate your water game, lift you up, and keep you glowing from the inside out....
Wylie Clear Vase
With it's clean lines and sleek shape, this minimalistic and elegant handblown Wylie vase sets the stage for your Everlasting Candles.Custom designHandblown glassStatement piece
Black Steel Funnel
The ultimate accessory for every Everlasting Candle lover.Make pouring simple and effortless with our NEW Black Steel Funnel.It's the matte black, lightweight and stylish addition that instantly becomes the essential décor tool you'll always want on display.Dimensions: 6 x 4.5...
Black Panther Mug 16OZ
Hot for 3+ hoursTriple InsulatedSliding, shatter-proof crystal clear lidStay-put silicone bottomEasy-grip, flat sidesStainless steel
Black Panther Tumbler 24OZ
Cool for 9+ hours, hot for 3Triple insulatedSliding, shatter-proof crystal clear lidStay-put silicone bottomEasy-grip, flat sidesStainless steelWidth: 3.88 inLength: 3.75 inHeight: 8.25 inWeight: 0.96 lb
Darth Vader Mug 16OZ
Stay-put, silicone bottomSignature, flat sidesBPA free  

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