It's in the name. You'll be sure to find some Fine Finds in here! Fine Finds Boutique is a collective of pieces that one wants to reach for every day... be it weekends spent wandering the markets, or stunning celebrations under magical, starry evenings.

We believe that life's little moments are made sweeter by living them in something beautiful, by wearing clothes that are thoughtful but easy, special and a little bit different.

With 18 local jewelry designers and artists, we strongly believe supporting local, eco-friendly brands. Some of our designers are well known, and some are emerging, and every single designer has a thoughtful story behind their work.

We strive to combine exceptional products with a customer experience that is as dynamic and inviting as possible. Our loyal customers are a testament to our successful commitment to that goal.

Whether you are looking for a thoughtful gift, accessories to go with your outfit or a perfect dreamy outfit, there's no better spot to start your search than here!
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