I Am Alive
This low acidity Dheki black tea offers intense flavour and a high caffeine content, making it the perfect choice to jumpstart your day or kick off your afternoon. With Hornby Island Tea's farm grown lavender, and ethically sourced orange peel,...
I Am Beautiful
This green tea is rich in antioxidants and will aid digestion. Silica from the horsetail promotes radiant skin, hair, and nails. Lavender will calm nerves and stress. A daily beverage intended for your health and beauty.Boosts Immune SystemAids DigestionHigh in...
I Am Healthy
This soothing blend was created to boost physical and mental balance. Tulsi and licorice root are detoxifying elements while fennel and peppermint soothe the digestion system. An excellent sweet tasting yet invigorating tea!Reduces Stress and AnxietyBalances Intestinal FloraDetoxifies Liver and...
I Am Relaxed
This tea will help you decompress. Open a bag of I am Relaxed and the sweet smell of chamomile and rose sets you at ease. This blend will relieve stress and tension, and catnip and valerian root promotes relaxation and...
West Coast Chai
Blend of traditional Indian chai spices and vanilla Rooibos from South Africa has resulted in a unique, caffeine-free Rooibos Chai blended with nettles ethically foraged on Hornby Island. This flavor is both spicy and naturally sweet, perfect for both your...
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