Hot Chocolate Cocktail Bomb (Pack of 6)
Indulge in the mesmerizing and magical flavor of our HOT CHOCOLATE BOMB™. It's like a winter wonderland in a cup! Follow our easy three-step guide to enjoy the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Unwrap, drop, and stir - it's that...
Margarita Cocktail Bomb (Pack of 6)
The Margarita Bomb is a classic and refreshing cocktail. A delicious tangy lime flavour, this cocktail bomb offers a sweet and citrus sour experience. This cocktail bomb is best served with tequila. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients:...
Mojito Cocktail Bomb (Pack of 6)
The Mojito cocktail bomb is the definition of a refreshing cocktail. The mojito allows minty, sweet and acidic flavors to mingle perfectly together.This cocktail bomb is paired best with rum.Made with 100% natural ingredients. HOW DO COCKTAIL BOMBS WORK ?Step...
Strawberry Burst Cocktail Bomb Pack
There’s nothing better than the fruity flavour of a ripe strawberry. Our STRAWBERRY BURST COCKTAIL BOMB is best paired with rum, tequila, vodka, and champagne. Perfect for making Strawberry Margarita, Strawberry Mimosa, Strawberry Vodka Cocktail, Strawberry Basil Cocktail, and more! Step 1...
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