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Butter Stick

Beekman 1802


Butter stickButter for the skin sounds contradictory, but milk products can be very beneficial for your body's derma. Buttermilk baths have been very popular for centuries, and our Stick of Butter consists of only the best oil to moisturize (not clog)...

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Floral Face Mist



Our rose water facial mist has been designed to soothe and refresh your skin with a single gesture. Suits all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. 120 ml Rose water: Moisturizes, soothes and cleans, rose water provides so much benefits for...

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Resting Beach Face Kit



APRÈS SAND SOOTHINGEven if you’re super diligent with your SPF (heroic), the seaside triple-threat of sunshine, salt water, and sand can dry out and stress your skin to the extreme. Relieve redness and replace that lost moisture with Soothe...

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